Welcome to the Indie Programmer Public Patreon Page! (or IPPPP for short!)  Here you will learn about the different ways that you can support Indie Programmer as well as the cool Patreon perks and other rewards you can earn by doing so!  If you feel like you’ve learned a lot from watching the videos we produce or have just had a fantastic time watching them, Patreon is the perfect way that you can support us and allow us to make even more content in the future!

Why support Indie Programmer?

Teaching people how to program is my passion, but it’s a lot of hard work!  Being the sole creator of all of these tutorials, website, game projects etc. takes up a lot more time than you may realize!  Here are SOME of the steps I take to make sure each “simple” 12 minute video tutorial is enjoyable as possible:

  1. Prepare:  Before each episode, I spend a good deal of time planning what changes we’ll make and then doing a “rehearsal code” where I actually write everything we will implement during the episode to make sure it works correctly and that there are no mistakes during the video.
  2. Record:  Prior to starting Indie Programmer, I too learned a lot of programming skills from YouTube videos.  One thing that made it hard to learn was poor recording quality that channels often had.  Either low resolution and low bitrate video would make the text too hard to read, or a sub-par audio setup would make it impossible to hear what was being said.  The latter bothered me so much that I actually went a bit overboard and purchased a semi-professional audio recording microphone for my tutorials, but I get enough compliments on the audio quality of the videos that it makes it worth it.  I also make sure to increase the font size 4 or 5 times larger than what I normally code in before the beginning of each recording to make sure that people are able to easily see the text while working in another window.
  3. Edit:  This takes a lot of time, surprisingly!  There’s a surprising amount of work that goes into just ensuring 10 – 20 minutes of smooth uninterrupted audio recording.  The final result has had every cough, sneeze, microphone bump, phone ring, bird chirp and other erroneous noise painstakingly removed unless I comment on it in the video so don’t want to confuse people as to what sound I’m referring to.Sony Vegas Editing
  4. Render:  The video is then rendered at 1080p and a high bitrate to ensure superb viewing quality and crystal clear text on YouTube.  This plus uploading to YouTube’s servers can take a couple of hours at least.
  5. Upload:  This step also takes a bit of time: creating a custom video thumbnail in Photoshop, coming up with cohesive titles and descriptions that are descriptive of what’s going on in the episode.  Unlisting the video and sending it to Patrons or other supporters early and then making it public later in the week.
  6. Maintain:  Even when a video is up and online for everyone there is still more work to do!  Sometimes there will be accompanying text tutorials or writeups, changelogs, bonus textures or more on that have to be created.  Other times it’s just a matter of logging into YouTube and seeing 84 unread comments requesting personalized tech support that I need to respond to.


This is the screenshot I took when first creating the Patreon campaign in 2014.  Three videos, each of which took all of the above steps to produce, resulted in a net payment of $0.96.

Part of the reason is the fact that 92% of all of Indie Programmer’s viewers use Ad-Blocking software, meaning I don’t get anything from those views.  That is why I’ve created a Patreon campaign.

Perks & Rewards

If you feel you’ve gotten enough value out of my videos that you choose to pledge on Patreon, or you just want to make sure more tutorials are made in the future, then I want to return your generosity with some rewards as a way of saying THANK YOU!  Because the reward tiers may occasionally change I won’t list them here, but you can check out a full list RIGHT HERE on!